Delivery Styles

Not all courses are equal.

We deliver in a different style depending on the course and participants. We can also tailor a course if needed for larger groups.

Our courses are run on site at Office Reliance. The environment is conducive to switching off from the rest of the world and focusing on the topic of the day.

  • Discussion Style:
    • You don’t need to bring anything but yourself
    • The sessions are open and facilitated
    • Courses are delivered around a framework, rather than strict content and each discussion eventually takes on a life of it’s own.
    • We encourage group discussion and group participation
  • Hands On:
    • You’ll need to bring a gadget or two along, depending on what the topic is
    • For some courses, we’ll have loan units available
    • Classes are relatively small
    • We focus on specific outcomes, with some discussion in-between
    • You’ll be doing all the pointing and clicking
  • On Site:
    • For larger groups we do offer an onsite service
    • please contact us to discuss the options.