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Nathan has always been a self-starter and got his first job and started his first business at age twelve both of which got him hooked on building businesses.

Over the years, he’s developed a passion for Education and Human Capital Development and finds it very rewarding working with young people and seeing them grow into a whole new person, taking shape within the context of a team.

Nathan, has a broad range of business skills and technical knowledge, and combines them to bridge the gap between business objectives and technological requirements. He drives focus and delivery, while ensuring the business operates within it’s financial constraints. He thrives within a high paced objective driven environment and pushes the team to continuously reach new limits. His passion for life long learning and people, puts him in the position to not only lead the team on a project level but on a personal level as well.

He firmly believes that Practical Experience trumps academics and one of the lessons he’s learned through experience is that businesses with solid systems do the best; this sparked his passion for systems design and development.

After completing his Matric through home schooling, while working a full time job, he decided to stick to the working life and focus on generating an income and gaining work experience.

His exposure to different working environments and the entrepreneurial lifestyle have taught him a lot about himself and people. He’s especially needed to develop a different type of approach for working with young people, with less life and work experience. The need to talk positively and look for the positive in people.

His career has taken him through sixteen years of diverse work experience including positions in; Client Service, Sales, Administration and Operations Management culminating in him stepping back into entrepreneurship. His vast experience engaging with local and international companies as well as Local, Provincial and National Government institutions have prepared him for engaging with new people in various roles at various levels. He also has the ability to mask complex technical issues in clear business language, and communicates effectively.

He contributed towards the standardisation of documentation and process flow in the Debt Review industry, governed by the National Credit Act, in his role as a member of the South African, Credit Technology Association.

Personal Passions

Nathan is strong willed and passionate about the things he cares about.

The Internet – His passion for the internet and computers began with his second cellular phone. He did not have a computer at home, growing up. He worked and bought his first cellular phone while in primary school. Soon after, WAP became a trend and he got himself a Nokia 6210 which was one of the first WAP-Enabled phones available in South Africa. WAP opened up his world to search and the concept of the internet. He was in love.

Open Source – He bought his first computer, a laptop, when he was 19. During the 5 years he actively used it, he wrote multiple business proposals and tenders and also learned the basics of web development. He did not have a high income job, so he relied mostly on free and open source software, his second love affair begins. He has since had the opportunity to buy a Mac and Switch to some paid apps, but still prefers Open Source for development and deployment related technologies.

Economic Development – Nathan gets great pleasure in helping other businesses succeed. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs understand themselves and their businesses better and helping them make their businesses more sustainable. He is a Co-founder of the Garden Route ICT Incubator, an active business mentor and runs the software development side of G3ECs the electronics club operated by the incubator.

Good Coffee – In the mornings he can often be found at one of the local espresso bars enjoying a cappuccino while discussing the latest technology trends and having impromptu meetings. He doesn’t do sugar.

Good Food – Not only does he have a knack for business he also enjoys cooking and can turn any ingredients into an awesome experience and really enjoys chilli and garlic. If it’s worth cooking, it’s worth cooking right. No half measures when it comes to making an effort in the kitchen.

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