Internal Projects

When we’re not working on client projects our team are hammering away at what might just be the next big thing. Some of the projects we’re working on include:


MiMiles is a web based, mobile platform for managing vehicle usage and vehicle costs. MiMiles caters for personal and corporate users, sharing of vehicles and extensive reporting.

MiMiles aims to provide a simple and intuitive tracking and reporting system to make it easy to comply with the relevant financial and legal reporting requirements.

MiMiles will also be aggregating vehicle usage statistics and trends to allow people to make a more “real world” decision before buying a new vehicle.


You do it, we track it.

TrackIT is a core system we’re working on that allows various sub-systems to be developed off of it and leverage it’s tracking engine.

Some of the sub-systems in development include, a point of sale system, a consumer loyalty programme, a household energy consumption tracker.


MyLifeOnline is a template based, project management system for the things we do everyday. Whether you are planning a holiday, a wedding or a birthday party MyLifeOnline caters for you.

MyLifeOnline combines powerful event and function templates with an intelligent database of services providers with reviews from you friends and family.

With real time social integration, MyLifeOnline allows you to manage your event from one central console and update everyone involved through the most relevant social network.


MyRegApp is our approach to conference management. We’ve developed a core Conference Management Engine that can be customised and deployed in different ways to cater for the unique requirements and forms that conferences take.

Whether it be delegate bookings and management or the coordination of exhibit space, we’ve got you covered.

Talk to us to find out how we can tailor MyRegApp around your unique needs.