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  • G3ECS

    If you’re in George and you haven’t attended a club meeting yet, you owe it to yourself and especially to your children to pop in at the George Educational Electronics Engineering and Computer Society, also referred to as g3ecs or electronics club. We’re proud to be associated with the club and look forward to seeing…

  • ProtoCon 2013

    We’ve been working on it for almost a year, and at last it’s here. ProtoCon 2013, the Prototyping Conference. If you haven’t booked your seat yet, it’s not too late. Make sure you check out:

  • Knowledge is power

    MyEcommerce has teamed up with Office Reliance, to put together a series of workshops and training programs to help individuals and businesses get more out of the internet and technology in general. Look out for our ads in your local newspaper. We will be starting off with Social Media awareness and training, discussion style and…