Social Media and Search – Launch Workshop

Event information
Title: Introduction to Social Media and Search
Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012
Time: 10:00
Where: Office Reliance
Delivery Style: Discussion Style
Cost: 250.00 ZAR including vat, per person

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Many people have got businesses or organizations, they would like to promote or manage online. Having a website is only the beginning, in this workshop we introduce you to Social Media and to Search.

We uncover some of the things you might not know or fully understand about how the internet works and getting it to work for you.

All you need to bring is yourself.

Introduction to Search

  • you search almost without thinking, but do you know how search works.
  • everyone with a website wants to be on the first page of Google or Bing, but what does this entail.
  • we introduce you to;
    • indexing
    • cycles
    • ranking
    • engagement
  • search engine optimization; some truths uncovered
  • we explore the complexity behind search and why you can’t buy your way to the top.

Introduction to Social Media

  • what is social media all about
  • why do you need to be using social media
  • we look at some of the risks
  • what networks should you be using, what makes them different
  • we introduce you to;
    • friends
    • trust
    • influence
    • qualified hits
    • noise

Optional Hands on Workshops available